St John's Church, Stratford, E15
St John's Church, Stratford, London E15

Rev. David Richards     Rev. David Richards  is Vicar of St John's.
(David and Carol are not usually around on Fridays because this is their day off.)

Rev. Nick Bryzak     Rev. Nick Bryzak  is our Curate
He originally trained as a Pentecostal Pastor, and has most recently worked as an electronics engineer. He is married to Iris.
(Nick works part time, and is around at various times during the week.)

Rev. Robert Otule    Robert Otule  is our Curate
Robert has been part of the team as a Reader since 2012, and is now ordained to work full-time at St John's. Robert previously worked as an ESOL teacher. He is married to Florence.
(Robert usually has Saturday off.)

Carol Richards     Carol Richards  is an Assistant Minister with special responsibility for Children and Young People and is married to David. She also works part-time as Regeneration Adviser to the Diocese of Chelmsford.
(David and Carol are not usually around on Fridays because this is their day off.)

Kay Garib     Kay Garib  is an Assistant Minister with special responsibility for Administration. Kay worked for Sainsburys for many years and is now using her gifts to serve the Lord full-time at St. John's.
(Kay is in the office from Monday to Friday every week.)

Rosemond Isiodu, Sheva Williams & Iris Bryzak are our Readers.
  Rosemond     Rosemond Isiodu  is trained as a teacher. She has 3 grown-up children. She has a particular ministry to Nigerian Christians and also helps with the Thursday Lunchtime service
  Sheva     Sheva Williams  used to work for Sainsburys in Stratford. She now has special responsibility for our Prayer Ministry and for the Healing Cafe. She is married to Fitzroy and has 5 grown-up children and several grandchildren.
  Iris     Iris Bryzak  is a retired Social Worker and is married to Nick.

Radcliff Facey    Radcliff Facey  is VERGER and Building Services Supervisor. Radcliff used to work in a school and he is a proud husband and father.

Our Churchwardens are elected every April at the Annual Meeting. This year they are :-
Jane Ajayi, Tim Amor, Tolu Babarinsa, Patricia Larocque.

Geoff Hobbs is our Organist and Concert Organiser.
During the week Geoff works as a teacher, and he runs the Stratford Saturday School at St John's.

Richard Aubrey     Richard Aubrey  is our Choir Director.

Patricia Larocque is our Pastoral Assistant.

Eon Wade is our Parish Evangelist. Eon leads the Outreach Team.

We are committed to Safeguarding Children, Young People, Victims/perpetrators of Domestic Abuse and Vulnerable Adults. The PCC has adopted the Church of England's policies and best practice on safeguarding which may be found on the Church of England's website.

Our Parish Safeguarding Officer is Mrs Omodolapo Peters who may be contacted at church or by email at

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